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Forenübersicht » Uncharted Waters Online » Dies & Das » Gran Atlas - Chapter 1 bis 3

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Themenicon    Gran Atlas - Chapter 1 bis 3
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Chapter 1: Gran Atlas

- New system where you help Mercator in Amsterdam create a map of the world
- Investigate zones to fill progress bar. Completed sections of map let you see zone info such as wind direction from anywhere
- Get rewarded for completing map sections.

- Brave the icy cold of the world as the Northern Route above Eurasia, through the Arctic
- New areas of the Russian empire open to access, including Northern russia waters and the city of St. Petersburg
- Mongolian city "Xanadu" added to game

-New PvP Oriented Pirate title
-New "nickname" system. Pirates with high noto can form a nickname to use, like "Black Bart" or "Blackbeard" that appears over their normal name.
-Accumulating a large enough bounty makes Notoriety degrade slower (or have a floor, not quite sure)
-New title(s?) for Bounty Hunters, and new Bounty Hunting fame accumulated by killing pirates.
-Established bounty hunters can talk to new "Information Broker" NPCs to get information on recent piracy occurances for hunt leads
-new Pirate town: Port Royal in the Carib. Must be unlocked via certain Chronoquests (a 2nd age feature)
-Equipment and ship parts can no longer be pillaged by PvP pirates. Ducats, Cargo, Food/Water still get pillaged. Unsure on other items (consumables)
-When defeated by player pirate, Rescue skill now restores you to minimum sailing crew, no limping back to port on 1 guy ships.
-Pirates defeated but unable to pay their bounties no longer lose their equipment/items.
-Defecting to the Ottomans or to countries of greater power no longer causes Notoriety gain
-Privateers (orange name) no longer able to be attacked in safe waters by people of their own nation.
-Piracy kill limit removed
-Reduction of duration of the No PvP debuff when a pirate is defeated
-Improved Hold, Camouflaged Hold, Deck Barrier ship skills made more effective
-Changes to "Pre-emptive assault" and "Welcome Melee battle" ship skills (not sure exactly what)

-A new dungeon, Underneath the Colosseum of Rome, has emerged
-New dungeon "gimmick" allows for ways to move through dungeons without having to fight. Requires adventure skills and personal knowledge to access. Previews show riddles/puzzles/minigames that can be solved for "dungeon advantage" to skip enemies.
-New "Vigilance" stat in dungeons. Affects how likely you are to be attacked, likely based on certain skills
-New Hidden passages in dungeons. Hidden passages lead to extra rooms with extra treasure, but also tougher enemies.
-When a dungeon is accessed by using an ESBT, the dungeon will drop less trade goods. The amount reduced it based on how far the dungeon is from the city you are using the ESBT from

-Removal of the 3 "amounts" of goods you can purchase from a market. You can now purchase any amount between 1 and the maximum your skills allow.
-Items such as Purchase Orders and Hanseatic Seals can be used from the market window without having to close it.
-No longer require the accounts skill to see market rates. Instead, the accounts skill allows you to check the rates of a chosen good in nearby towns (ex, look at Pepper in Venice and you can check its price in Trieste, Ancona, Zadar)

-New "skill imbue" system. If you have a skill at Rank 15 or above and in a class with that skill as favored or expert, you can pay a fee at a guild to "Imbue" it.
-Imbuing a skill reduces its rank back to Rank 1. However, imbued skills always have a +2 bonus adjustment and have the amount of skill needed to gain a rank reduced (announcement says 50% reduction, screenshot shows 20% reduction. Consistency!)
-Imbuing a skill will usually give it some sort of secondary effect. Example: Imbuing Mineral Trade gives the skill an additional active function where, once per landing, it can be activated to allow the purchasing of more Minerals after you've bought them all, similar to a very specific Purchase Order.

-Changes and additions to Chronoquests and the World Clock features from 2nd Age
-New Aides and New Ships

-"Home production". Aides in your apartment can be set to perform crafting depending on your and their abilities.
-Amount of storage in apartment has been increased by 5 for all storage types.
-More company benefits added

-New "privilege" system that rewards those who have played long amounts of time. Starts counting days since starting Gran Atlas (no clue if we'll get this too).
Days | Benefits
30 | Max money from interest now 50,000 D
60 | 50% discount to buy rounding permits and cheques
90 | QMPs/POs from quests doubled
180 | +50% EXP gain for Aides
270 | No cost to learn European Languages
360 | +1 Ship slot in Dock
540 | Less Tow Permits required when using Towing
720 | +1 Storage for all types in Apartment

-Increase in voyager points earned (also may not apply to us).
-Increase max level to level 80.
-new classes (Great Adventurer, Grand Admiral, Millionaire)

Chapter 2: Astronomy

-New zone: Waters around Greenland
-New dungeon area: Abu Simbel deep. In addition, more new hidden dungeon paths with discoveries

-New Adventure skill: Astronomy. The 7th knowledge skill, utilizes Recognition. Take quests or find Constellations and Important stars on your own.
-Additional skill slot upon visiting the St. Petersburg archive
-New classes (Astronomer, Court Gardener, Tea Merchant, Marine)

-"Adjutant Officer". Aides at total level 50 or more can be sent off to the military. Doing so will leave behind EXP books you can give to other aides for immediate exp based on the levels of the leaving aide. It also increases friendship with the leaving aide's nation and gives other minor rewards.
-If the aide is L50+ and has 100 skill in some/all role types you can instead send them to the Royal Navy. Same benefits as above, but better, and they leave behind a "secrets" book that lets you permanently teach one of their skills to a different aide you have. Can't make secrets books from skills gained by secrets book or captain's aide books, takes same slot as the captain's aide books.

Chapter 3: Wild Wild West

-New zone: West North American Coast

-New city: San Francisco. A center for voyagers, San Francisco works slightly different. The player with most investment/contribution to San Francisco becomes Mayor of San Francisco
-Mayor enjoys perks, and how they contribute to the town influences it greatly.

-The Gold Rush is on! Inland of West America, the landing point map can show you spots with pickaxe icons. Using the "Search" skill to dig there, you have a chance to find gold bullion, which can be turned in for money (the demo pictures show some bullion being turned in for 1.3mil Ducats, no clue how large, common, or how many it was)
-Occasionally after a find you will enter GOLD FEVER, allowing you to find large gold bullions. These can be turned in for gold points to redeem for various items.

-When looking at your discoveries you can also browse the quest they came from
-Adjusted weapon finesse gains to make gaining finesse easier
-You may now use aide towing at farms and company colonies
-New ships, including a new clipper

Quelle: OGP Forum

Discoveries: 1800

Treasure Hunt: 32 Relikte

World Atlas: 125/125
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